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How to clean a sport backpack

- 2021-11-24 -

About sport backpack:


How to clean a sport backpack?


Cleaning the sport backpack is more important to many people, because after we take these sport backpacks back, if we don't clean them for a long time, it will affect ourselves. How to clean a sport backpack?


How to clean a sport backpack


1. Clean according to instructions


When we choose to clean the sport backpack, it’s best to choose clean water. After the tap water is connected, let it go for half an hour to an hour. It’s best to stir it in it and dilute it in the water. Of various gases. At the same time, dilute the bleaching powder in the water, because the bleaching powder in the water itself has a certain chemical effect. If you do not pay attention to cleaning for a long time, you may make your sport backpack bad.


2. Clean the tap water


It is also important to clean up the tap water. In fact, everyone should pay attention to cleaning the sport backpack through tap water in normal life. It is best to soak all the sport backpack in bleach in advance. But when cleaning, if you have the conditions, you can choose to use warm water to clean instead of cold water.


3. Pay attention to clean up the drawing of sport backpack


Many sport backpacks are actually brushed. In this case, you should also pay attention to it. If it is made of plastic, clean it with water. If it is made of metal, wipe it with a wet towel and then dry it. Dry the towel. If you don't do this, it will affect the brushed color of the sport backpack over time.


How to clean a sport backpack? We can learn more about the sport backpack during the cleaning process. In addition to the above conditions, we must also consider the cleaning of the lock or slide of the sport backpack.


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