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How to clean backpacks of different materials?

- 2022-07-14 -

How to clean backpacks of different materials?


Canvas Backpack


Moisten the box with a slightly damp towel, then put the detergent on the towel and rub, then wipe the dirty part of the box, then wash the towel with clean water, wring half dry, wipe again, repeat wringing and wiping until Spot removal.


Cloth Backpack


In fact, it is very good to use a waste toothbrush, it is relatively soft, and it will not damage the cloth surface. Use the toothbrush to wipe a few times on the transparent soap, and then brush again. Just buy a softer brush + laundry detergent. Just don't rub the cloth with a stiff brush.


Oil stains on the suitcase: wash with white vinegar and boiling water, and then soak it in it for a while.


Leather Backpack


1. Correctly determine the leather material.


Different leathers need to use corresponding cleaning agents, such as nubuck leather, suede leather and other leathers are not suitable for using ordinary leather cleaning agents, so first of all, you must correctly determine the material of your leather products, so as to buy your own suitable leather cleaning agent agent.


2. Cleaning


The following methods are generally suitable, especially for leather that has been cracked without long-term care or lack of care, and has not been cleaned with Mepi-Wang or Megie-Wang Leather Cleaner. If you use Mepi-Wang leather cleaners, you can clean them straight away, as they don't do any damage to the skin.


From the dry chemical reaction of the tanning finish and the tanning agent and cleaning agents that may be present. For example, the fatliquoring agent in leather making is negative ions, and the cleaning agent is positive ions, which will react and destroy the internal structure of the dermis, and obviously decolorization will occur.


Do a test in the obvious place to see if the product is suitable, if there is discoloration, etc., you should stop using this cleaner. If the leather cleaner brightens the leather, or does not have any adverse effects, the product is suitable and cleaning can begin.


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