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How to design sport wear

- 2021-11-25 -

About China sport wear:


How to design sport wear?


There will be a variety of different practical experiences when designing sport wear. In fact, many people have different ideas about sport wear. How to design sport wear is completely important to many people.


1. Simple and generous style


We can learn more when designing sport wear, because now sport wear basically has a lot of different experiences, in fact, there should not be too many decorations on the clothes, especially some metal things, so as to prevent the body from being produced. Certain obstacles, but also to minimize unnecessary damage. When designing sport wear, the limbs should be stretched freely, and the whole body should not be restricted.


How to design sport wear


2. The style is naturally open


If it is best to choose the cuffs that are naturally open, instead of tightening the trousers, you can choose elastic or rising, because yoga has a lot of back-up movements, so when we choose these sport wear, we can pay more attention to it. The tight mouth can prevent the trousers from sliding down, and the winter clothes are best to be long pants or long clothes, and in the summer, short clothes shall prevail, and then a long pair of trousers should be worn underneath.


3. The color is refreshing and elegant


When designing sport wear, the color is best based on refreshing and elegant colors, so that you can intuitively relax your vision and calm yourself down quickly in a short period of time, and don't let the color jump too much. If it is a color that is excited, try not to wear it when practicing yoga, preferably white.


How to design sport wear? When setting, the entire sport wear will be able to bring a better design experience. You can pay more attention to it in normal times.


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