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What types of sportswear are available?

- 2022-07-08 -

Sports vest


A sports vest is a sleeveless shirt worn by athletes. It is usually made of lightweight fabrics like polyester to help draw sweat away from the body. Sports vests usually have a number on the front and back to help identify the athlete. Many athletes wear sports vests over their uniforms to help keep the uniforms clean and dry.


Sports Shorts


Sports shorts are a kind of shorts worn by men, women and children when exercising. They are usually made of lightweight, breathable materials such as polyester or nylon.


Sports shorts are usually knee-length or shorter, and usually have an elasticated waistband for a comfortable, snug fit. They usually have pockets on the side or back for small items like keys, cash or a phone.


Many athletes prefer to wear gym shorts because they allow for a full range of motion and are less likely to cause chafing than traditional pants. They are also generally more comfortable in hot weather conditions.


Sport jacket


A sports jacket, also known as a blazer, is a tailored jacket, usually made of wool fabric. It is considered a more formal type of clothing than a casual jacket, and is often worn with trousers of matching color and fabric. Blazers are often used as part of a school or work uniform, or as part of a suit for more formal occasions.


Sports t-shirt


A sports tee should be comfortable, breathable, and allow you to move freely. It should also be made of materials that wick away sweat and help keep you cool. If you plan to do any physical activity in it, look for t-shirts with these features.


Sports hoodie


A sports hoodie is a hooded sweatshirt usually worn by athletes or those who engage in physical activity. Sports hoodies are usually made from cotton and polyester blends that are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They usually have a kangaroo pocket on the front, perfect for storing keys, phone or other small items. Some sports hoodies also have zippers on the front for easy on and off.


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