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hu la hoop

Item No.: SMH0243


Product Category: Fitness Accessories


Color: yellow,green,purplerose red


Size: 80cm


Material: Plastic


Packing: OPP

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China Custom Fitness Accessories - Yiwu UNION DEAL


    Place of Origin:Yiwu Zhejiang China   Brand Name:Union Deal
    Sample time3-5 Working Days  Keywords:Yoga ball
    MOQ300 LogoCustomized Logo Printing
    Color:Customized Colors Usage:Yoga Exercises
    DesignOEM.ODM Designs Size: 46*10CM
    Packing: Film Sample: Support Custom Sample


    China Custom Fitness Accessories


    About China Custom Fitness Accessories


    China Custom Fitness Accessories: Hula hoop weight loss is not scientific. Hula hoop was once a popular fitness exercise. Both adults and children like it.


    But fitness experts pointed out that shaking the hula hoop has no effect on weight loss, and it will hurt after a long time. China Custom Fitness Accessories: Hula hoop is a pure waist exercise with a small amount of exercise. Relying on this exercise to lose weight is unrealistic. Losing weight is not about getting fat. It takes full-body exercise to burn fat. Only by prolonging the exercise time and continuing to exercise can the body fat be consumed. Short-term exercise is anaerobic exercise, which will only cause muscle soreness and will not consume fat.


    China Custom Fitness Accessories: The part where the hula hoop twists and swings is exactly at the junction of the thoracic and lumbar spine. Excessive spinal torsion or sudden increase in abdominal pressure may cause sudden changes in pressure in the spinal canal, leading to rupture of blood vessels and excessive torsion of the lumbar spine, which can easily cause lumbar muscle strain, lumbar facet joint hyperplasia, and lumbar disc herniation. Lumbar disc herniation, etc.


    Fitness experts believe that hula hoop as a recreational sport is not impossible. But shaking hula hoop fitness must be scientific, otherwise it will be counterproductive. The first thing to note is that exercise time should not be too long. Generally speaking, it is best for normal adults to exercise continuously for 15-20 minutes; the hula hoop should not be too heavy and the size should not be too large. The weight is about the level that the index finger and middle finger can bear; patients with lumbar muscle strain, spinal injury, and osteoporosis are not suitable for this exercise. The best fat-reducing exercise is aerobic exercise, the time is controlled within 30-50 minutes, such as swimming, running, cycling and so on.


    China Custom Fitness Accessories


    UNION DEAL is a leading China Sport Wear supplier, Sport bag manufacturer that focuses on China Sport Wear, Sport bag.


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    Yiwu Union Deal

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