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Waist twister

Item No:SMH0118-3




Size: 25*3cm


Material: PP


Packing: Box

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Custom China Waist twister | Red Waist twister | Waist twister manufacturer


    Place of Origin:Yiwu Zhejiang China   Brand Name:Union Deal
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    Category:Fitness Accessories Usage:Outdoor Sport
    DesignOEM.ODM Designs Size: 25*3cm
    Packing: Box Sample: Support Custom Sample


    Custom China Waist twister | Red Waist twister | Waist twister manufacturerCustom China Waist twister | Red Waist twister | Waist twister manufacturer

    About Custom China Waist twister


    The waist twister can increase the strength of the waist and abdomen and activate the muscles, joints, and ligaments of the back. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, a wider range of waist rotation can activate the meridians, promote unblocked QI and blood, and strengthen the waist and kidney.


    Benefits of using a waist twister:


    Anti-inflammatory and analgesic: Use a waist twister to massage the pathological reflex points of the soles of the feet, twist the waist, and friction and heat. When the magnetic wave is transmitted to the human body through heat, a vortex-like secondary current is generated inside the cell, which turns into warmth in the body. The warm heat generated by its own electric current is Joule heat, which can only be produced by a healthy body. Therefore, warm heat can promote health. It also has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and weight loss functions.


    Weight loss and weight loss: The waist twister exercise not only needs to twist the waist, but also requires the cooperation of other parts of the body. While twisting the waist to drive the waist twisting machine to rotate, it also plays a role in burning the fat of the legs and waist, to achieve the purpose of weight loss.


    Prevent vascular sclerosis: Since there are uric acid crystals in the body in the reflex area, when you twist the waist, you will massage the reflex area of the soles of the feet, and the uric acid crystals will be excreted through the kidneys, which greatly reduces harmfulness, and the blood becomes cleaner and healthier. It helps prevent the hardening of blood vessels, strengthens the functions of the five internal organs, makes the body healthier, and helps to lose weight properly.


    Red Waist twister


    UNION DEAL is a professional Waist twister supplier, Jump rope manufacturers. Focus on producing high-quality products with complete specifications. 


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