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Yoga ball

Item No:YEH0266




Size: 55cm


Material: PVC


Packing: PE bag

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Custom Yellow Yoga ball | China Yoga ball supplier | Yoga ball


    Place of Origin:Yiwu Zhejiang China   Brand Name:Union Deal
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    Category:Fitness Accessories Material: PVC
    DesignOEM.ODM Designs Size: 55cm
    Packing: PE bag Sample: Support Custom Sample


    Custom Yellow Yoga ball | China Yoga ball supplier | Yoga ballCustom Yellow Yoga ball | China Yoga ball supplier | Yoga ball

    Custom Yellow Yoga ball


    Yoga ball is also called fitness ball or yoga fitness ball. It is a ball-type exercise tool for sports and fitness. The material is mostly made of soft PVC material. When the human body touches it, the inflated fitness ball will stroke evenly The contact part of the human body, thus producing a massage effect, which can be beneficial to promote blood circulation.


    The main function of the yoga ball:


    1. Yoga ball exercise is suitable for all people to exercise. It avoids a strong impact on the joints, avoids sports injuries, and can use soft yoga balls to help athletes do exercises, which can play a role as a foil.


    2. Yoga ball exercise is very interesting. Yoga ball sports has changed the previous patterned training methods, allowing athletes to play with the ball along with warm and unrestrained music. Athletes sometimes sit on the ball and sometimes lift the ball to do jumping exercises. These interesting actions will make the whole process extremely entertaining.


    3. Yoga ball exercise helps to train the body's balance ability. Yoga ball exercises need to maintain the balance of the body. To prevent the ball from rolling, it must be controlled by the strength of the legs, waist, and abdomen, which will effectively train the coordination of the body and the ability to control muscles.


    4. Yoga ball exercise has a massage effect. When the human body is in contact with the yoga ball, the inflated yoga ball will evenly stroke the contact parts of the human body to produce a massage effect, which is beneficial to promote blood circulation.


    5. Correct sitting posture. Yoga balls will use flexibility to correct their sitting posture. Therefore, sitting on a yoga ball, athletes will involuntarily straighten their waists and stretch their shoulders back. This is the body's instinctive response to prevent falls, and it is also a correct sitting posture.


    China Yoga ball supplier


    UNION DEAL is a professional Yoga ball supplier, Sport bag manufacturers. Innovation is the driving force for us to establish a competitive advantage and is the key to our leading position in the fierce international market competition. 


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