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Yoga wheel

Item No:YEH0241-4




Size: 33x13CM


Material: TPE+PP


Packing: OPP bag

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Green Yoga wheel | Universal home Yoga wheel | China Yoga wheel


    Place of Origin:Yiwu Zhejiang China   Brand Name:Union Deal
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    Category:Fitness Accessories Material: TPE+PP
    DesignOEM.ODM Designs Size: 33x13cm
    Packing: OPP bag Sample: Support Custom Sample


    Green Yoga wheel | Universal home Yoga wheel | China Yoga wheelGreen Yoga wheel | Universal home Yoga wheel | China Yoga wheel

    About Green Yoga wheel


    The yoga wheel is one of the most popular products in modern yoga equipment. This yoga wheel can improve spinal flexibility and release muscle tension. It is versatile and can help you stretch, strengthen and perfect your posture, and shape and adjust your body. You can use it at home, in a studio or in a gym. It is very suitable for yoga beginners, advanced users, etc.


    The benefits of using a yoga wheel to exercise:


    1. Extend and enhance the flexibility of the spine, improve body stiffness, and prevent spinal diseases.


    2. Nourish and strengthen the back muscles, relieve the pressure on the back and back caused by sitting for a long time.


    3. Relax the shoulder joints and neck muscles.


    4. Open the chest cavity and stretch the front side of the body vigorously.


    5. Thoroughly stretch the abdomen, nourish and strengthen the various abdominal muscles, which benefit many internal organs and glands.


    6. Enhance the strength of the arms, wrists, back, legs, and ankles.


    7. Enhance blood circulation, promote blood flow back to the head, refresh the mind and sharpen the senses.


    8. Stimulate the secretion of hormones, which is beneficial to the nervous system.


    Universal home Yoga wheel


    UNION DEAL is a professional Yoga wheel supplier, Yoga brick manufacturers. Focus on producing high-quality products with complete specifications. 


    For more product information about YouTube of Universal home Yoga wheel, you can click on the relevant link below.

    Yiwu Union Deal

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